The Positive Inclination of All Potentiality

The contemporary scientific paradigm actually makes it easy to argue for All-Potentiality (a more secular term to describe “God): before the big bang, there was The Singularity. The Singularity was in Super Symmetry, a “Perfect” state of Being in which things are basically a “point” so small it is infinitely dense and small, and there is no Time inside it. It is an expression of Unity before the split. Eventually Super Symmetry broke and created this linear experience.

Without Time objects would look very different. Think about you as being where all your actions and locations are connected in a segmented mess of many motions. This is not a new mind trip either, this is known as The Arrow paradox. Zeno of Elea proposed that since nothing can be in two places at once, he argued that an arrow is only in one place in any given instant during flight. But if it is only in one place, it must be momentarily at rest. The arrow must then be present somewhere, at some specific location, at every moment of its trajectory. What is occurring is not motion, but rather a separate series of events.

This separateness of motion as moments is a concept relating to Nowness. Since we are now up to this point, accepting reality can be understood like a projection or film is easy. Time can best be understood as separate slides. Until a Moment happens, a “Schrödinger’s Cat” of All Potentiality happens: an infinite number of universes based on actions merge into one finite universe of a single Moment that is documented as having “happened” in relation to All Potentiality. Time is limited and this constrains the amount of expression All Potentially does.

I do not believe All Potentiality has any sort of bias in terms of what it wants. However, when we really consider what makes something possible, All Potentiality is not as unbiased as it seems. For example, how much can a man be broken, in comparison to how much someone can love? How much can a universe be destroyed, in comparison to how much life a forest can create? There is a phrase I like that comes from Chogyam Trungpa’s Shambhala: The Basic Goodness. To me The Basic Goodness resides in the compounding benefits one can bestow upon oneself and others because of “reality’s” disposition towards Expression. All Potentiality cannot stop itself from enabling itself. The issue is that working towards maximizing The Basic Goodness is that it takes serious effort.

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