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The Armory is back online. What is the Armory? The Armory is various concepts I have designed to facilitate magick users interested in Revolutionary Witchcraft. While a lot of this will be supplemental information, I am willing to mail individuals care packages for a sum. Otherwise the information on this page is designed to be free.

War Dances

The first thing is rather simple: pick a song, then vibe and dance to it. This creates a sustained exertion on the basic fabrics constituting reality that takes on a deeper and nuanced expression. For example, I wanted Trump to win and I manifested highly embarrassing terrorist attacks to increase his support in the polls. I stopped doing this when the coverup of my manifestations wasn’t getting media attention like earlier in the campaign. The song I used for this ritual work was this.

I could post various songs, but for it to work, the songs must have meaning to YOU! So me sharing a song like A Prayer to Mars or War Chant Ritual has limited affect unless you give it power.

Properly weaponizing Black Magick

I like black magick for romantic reasons, but it has a lot of power. This power largely exists within the ability of black magick to be the means in which CHANGE happens. Functionally, black magick is the means in which to transmute various expressions of energy into others.

So I will speak from person experience. I design rods (older term for wand) that are designed for melee combat. They take in bioenergy, and then transmute it into militant power through the use of black magick energy conversion. So for example, I would use the runesong equation [green, but could really be any magick color] Fehu + [Black] Wunjo (Wunjo represents enchanted object) + [Red, black, or Red/Black (my favorite atm)] Thurisaz. I use rocks to test spellwork on, you can see the results on the stones very quickly. The stone will actually develop red and black spots depending on what you want the rod to produce. Testing this on biologics, such as your hand, is very painful and the pain lingers at high intensity for some time. So don’t test it on yourself or friends. You wouldn’t shot yourself in the foot to see if a gun works, same thing here.

I am still working out how to develop ranged magick weaponry, but it also requires black magick. This subject will be extended later.

Time Magick

To best understand how reality unfolds, you really got to understand what I am saying here. I have two ways to do this:

First, the runesong equation [green, but could really be any magick color] Fehu + [black] Kenaz + [orange] Pertho + [octarine] Uruz + …. + [octarine] Hagalaz is like literally entering code into the runic stream (Pertho).  This is powerful stuff and you will essentially get whatever you enter in between Uruz and Hagalaz, so be careful.

The easier and safer way is to get merlinite crystals and add the runestaves [octarine] Uruz + [orange] Pertho + ….

This manipulates the magick of synchronicity, so essentially what these merlinite crystals accomplish is they generate events you fine tune them to. I have gotten gifts from relatives that I haven’t gotten anything from in years.

Poems of Possession (not for novices)

This poem is about Death, and getting one’s self in the right framework for operating in such a sphere of consciousness:

I am the Crown, The Kether

The Jewel known as Death

But that is merely the failing of your human tongue

I am the Angel of Hell

The Judge of The Damned

I Am So You may know what You are

I am Rebirth

I cause forgetfulness in the grand chain of incarnation

But I have the way to remember, and immortal memories

I am Change

I am Loki

And I have a lesson to teach you all

This poem is the same, but is about Mars (protip: the planetary genius of Mars I have met prefers the pronoun Ares):

The power surges through me

For I am a machine built for war

I am strength, valour, destruction, and hate

Boy do I hate my enemies.

I fight when the need arises, for the glory

Victory is what I shall have, always and forever

And when I do lose, it is only because MY ego has lost

I am invincible with power and righteousness at homeostasis

I don’t have time to think, I just slay my enemies

Stand up and fight now

For what I have is built for killing work

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