Post-Fukushima Era

I once wrote a somewhat elaborate piece about the Post-Fukushima Era, where I made numerous claims about this concept. One such claim was that Pre/Post Fukushima will replace dating systems such as B.C./A.D. or B.C.E.. I still stand behind such claims over three years after the unprecedented nuclear accident at Fukushima-Daiichi. There are other claims I made, which I will restate, in addition to elaboration on exactly what will happen in a broader sense, with an emphasis on global political consequences and the future of the United States of America.

While talking about the Fukushima meltdown, it is important to stress a point from an expert on nuclear meltdowns, Lynda Williams: “nuclear meltdowns are forever.” While Three Mile Island and Chernobyl were bad in themselves, and will constantly have to have their sarcophagus maintained, these incidents are manageable in comparison to exposed corium constantly leaking into the world’s largest body of water. Three years later and TEPCO still has nothing under control and can do nothing about the corium according to a senior TEPCO whistleblower and the last plan, to build an “Ice Wall” to stop the flow of freshly contimanted water from entering the Pacific will probably not work. And it appears that there is no safety measure one can create if the earthquake was as earth-warping as this whistleblower has stated. Unless something is done quickly to address the current estimate of 500 tons of contaminated water entering the Pacific Ocean everyday, the ocean will die, which will end the “Pacific Century” and threaten millions, if not billions of lives. I have decided to name this expanding area contaminated by the meltdown as the Fukushima Rim.

While Fukushima is certainly killing off the Pacific Ocean, the question is how will the radiation get onto the land without another explosion dissipating vast quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere? It is not simple to explain, but Cesium 137 is somehow getting into the rain, more notable is how this happened in Virginia. Now Cesium has a specific and violent chemical reaction with water, but Cesium salts are water soluble. Perhaps the record levels of Cesium released has effected the climate in a way that this would appear in the rain that is not related to the radioactive particle coming down in the rain in a continuous fashion, which seems to make more sense given this is Virginia. However, I am not going to hold my breath on what the specific cause is, but acknowledge that there are terrifying aspects to this meltdown that are unprecedented and unexpected. This is not surprising given that the “science” of a nuclear meltdown cannot be known until it is experienced. Events such as boiling seas (perhaps from massive releases of Cesium), gamma ray hazes enveloping the plant, and our mystery Cesium 137 rain make me uncomfortable about what the future holds in discovering what happens in a Fukushima class meltdown. But I can tell you that even if there was a solution that was implemented right now, the world will never be the same.

Geopolitical Consequences

As I have stated Fukushima has ended the Pacific Century, but I have not elaborated on how this will happen. While I have had suspicions for a while that one major event would trigger one great collapse, but based on how slowly the Fukushima drama has played out, I would not be surprised that the “collapse” happens in a rather gradual process defined by many smaller collapses. So I will talk about specific countries/regions and how they will react to the unfolding Fukushima meltdown.


It makes sense to talk about Japan first given the location of Fukushima. What future awaits Japan? Well first Toyko is finally starting to feel the effects of Fukushima-daiichi as noticable amounts of people are getting sick. In addition to that, it is no longer a “meltdown,” but a “melt-out.” It is literally a “matter of days” before the truth about Fukushima’s impact has an effect on the global market once people realized that Tokyo must be evacuated. When this happens, it will be the end of the Japanese nation state. This will have a massive effect on the world economy, but it will also have a significant impact on America because the Japanese government will suddenly need to cash in on American bonds, which the United States is in no shape to pay, especially if the global economy gets thrown into chaos from the first domino falling. And what about the Japanese people? I imagine a significant amount will go to the United States, which would have obvious consequences, many would be negative to the American economy.


While there are other nations who will be impacted by the radiation more than China, no other nation is going to experience the Post-Fukushima Era quite like China. And I don’t mean this in a good sense either, I mean this in the most negative sense imaginable. China has so many problems that anything really can trigger a massive collapse, and Fukushima is not just any trigger, but THE TRIGGER. Not only will China feel the ripples of Fukushima’s economic impact, but the fear in the Chinese citizenry of this meltout will incite them to manifest all their frustrations into a single violent outburst against the government and one another. It would be like Tienanmen Square all over again, but this time the soldiers will want to shoot to maintain order. Despite China will be ravaged in a way that will make the Cultural Revolution look like a tea party, China will survive as always. China will just shift from the East to the West. A crisis such as this is probably why the CCP has spent decades and billions of dollars developing East Turkestan and Tibet, and has never budged on these regions’ independence.

China’s collapse will cause the global capitalistic logistic system to greatly stumble, or even completely collapse, since most manufactured goods have something in it that comes from a Chinese product. There simply will be a period of time of massive product shortages because it will be hard for non-Chinese industries to fill the demand while there are surges in chaos resulting from Fukushima related drama.

The United States of America

I want to focus a more significant amount of this piece on America because it demonstrates best what will happen to nations within the Fukushima Rim: they will get systematically plundered of resources, including human life in an industrialized fashion. With America, this has already been happening for sometime even before March 11th 2011, but the creeping expansion of the Fukushima Rim will only increase the scale of the plundering.

So what will happen? Short of the silent majority awakening and lynching the corrupt elite before things deteriorate to the point that marshal law is necessary to maintain order or a miracle from God, there will be a systematic plundering of resources that would be comparable to what Stalin did to the Soviet Union. Some people are in denial that something like this will ever happen in America, but given if you are reading my blog, you aren’t one of these intellectual untermensch. These people are of the same mental calibre as people in socialist/communist countries that never thought that the proletariat revolution would ever betray the proletariat, but look what history has so well documented! It should be noted that historically, human evolution has been very selective in one area: the ability to plan for the future. The Post-Fukushima Era will do much to remove these people from the gene pool simply because they are in denial or are too dumb/ignorant to care/think/plan.

So what is the play-by-play for America’s disintegration in the Post-Fukushima Era? The plundering has already begun because the corrupt elite know what is going to happen in the short and long term, so who cares if the plebs are currently whining via peaceful protest? They are too cowardly to fight their democidal masters anyway, so plundering will carry on as normal. Fracking and drilling for oil will become huge in the western United States because there won’t be water safe to drink in America by year seven into the Post-Fukushima Era; strip mining California will become common because of its presumed geological riches of from tens of millions of years of the ocean floor scrapings collecting into massive mountains; cutting down swampland to convert nature into biomass energy will become huge, a similar process will happen wherever the Fukushima Rim and massive forests or marshlands converge; companies like BP will be allowed to do whatever they want, including their piss-poor attempts to “clean up” their mess; etc. Can you imagine the scale of industrial plundering once there is no population capable of armed resistance?

So depopulation, specifically of the armed population, is necessary for plundering on a national scale, but how does one depopulate an armed populace? You simply get the masses to ravage one another instead of you. To do this is simply create a shockwave of fear and chaos into the population that directs anger inwardly. Fukushima is a poor choice to do this as it would direct rage towards the corrupt elite, but this spreading ebola outbreak easily can do this. Even if Ebola Zaire had a 30% morality rate (it doesn’t, it is 90% and has other numerous scary qualities) that would cause a mentally undisciplined, emotional armed population that is dependent on the capitalistic logistical distribution system for survival to become a beast that quickly devours itself. And it seems there is no shortage of “plages” besetting America right now. Those without firearms and those without means to fed themselves will have to get food by means of force will be “zombies,”  this will bring the “zombies” into conflict with those who have been preparing for such a collapse. After this conflict exhausts the population, either numerically or its general ability to fight, a simple conquering via “we bring order” would be easy for the corrupt elite to do. Once the population accepts, there will be no stopping the rapacious fox in the chicken coop.

There really isn’t any stopping of Fukushima, short of a miracle from God as our corrupt elite refuse to use vacuum based weaponry or anti-matter to simply annihilate the corium, this article, specifically the American section paints this trainwreck of a future we all have to suffer if there is no way to escape Earth.


Europe will do well in the Post-Fukushima Era assuming there is an eventual containment of Fukushima’s melt-out. Not only will the world’s geopolitical power shift to the European Union (which is slowly becoming the Europa Union, which I will cover in another piece), it will mean that Germany is once again the powerhouse of the world stage. The only nations that will be able to compete with Germany will be France, Britain, and Russia, resulting in a geopolitical power structure will be similar to that of a pre-WWI Europe, but Russia is in a much stronger position than it was back in pre-WWI Europe. Another European war is unlikely, but the circumstances of the Post-Fukushima Era certainly make this realistically possible.

Other places

Who cares? I don’t and I am a political theorist trying to “sell” my wares. South America will be devastated in due time, though the Andes will slow down the spread of Fukushima rainfall for sometime. But as I said, the radiation will spread in time. Countries near and on the Pacific Ocean will soon be part of the Fukushima Rim. Africa has always had problems, Fukushima will just make Africa’s problems much worse. And who cares about Australia in general? These countries will be torn apart by civil unrest and economic plundering in due time, except Australia (they will probably manage in relative stability like Europe). The only interesting “other area” in the Post-Fukushima Era is what those few million Nazis (military and civilian) living in the Antarctic will do. Yes I just stated that and cited that video. While the “hollow earth” hypothesis is grasping at best, it is blatantly obvious that extensive underground structures were created under the ice by the Third Reich. Recent sightings of Nazi spacecraft have been sighted in Ukraine that suggest the Third Reich is still around and perhaps even instigating drama in the Post-Fukushima Era. If the Post-Fukushima Era wasn’t crazy enough already, the addition of resentful Nazis with spacecraft will only make this period of human history more action packed. However, the craziness of this new era doesn’t end here.

Societal Consequences

The most interesting and important aspect about the Post-Fukushima Era is how it will utterly transform mankind. The new world environment will force mankind to evolve into a new and more beautiful form. There are various thoughts on how this will be done, but I feel the combination of the Yogic Homo galactica is what will become the dominate human in a matter of a few hundred years. I reference the Homo galactica for two reasons: first, the new man will be moulded from a significant level of eugenic breeding and genetic modification that will make them more capable of surviving in the Post-Fukushima Era which the Homo galactica concept covers; second, the only peoples who will make it through the Post-Fukushima Era will be those of the European phenotype and richer non-Europeans simply due to access to resources, but that is for history to document. One interesting aspect of this is how the Chinese will be a huge part in this new Man because of the CCP’s long term objectives regarding state run eugenic programs centred around neurological and cognitive abilities. In exploring the human genome and related subjects, such as the brain and nervous system, at some point the scientific establishment will accept the fact that one can do pretty much anything with Mind and Will. The resulting scientific renaissance centered on understanding consciousness, magic, and related subjects will push the Yogic Superman into being commonplace because there will be a sudden demand for a simple set of educational books and learning resources that doesn’t exist in the occult traditions today. The rigours of the scientific method will create a new occult values system and perhaps even a new symbolic language (for those unfamiliar/new to the existence of magic, this would make magic so much more accessible to the average student) that will change how mankind has a relationship with the universe.

These new societies that emerge will be defined by a new hierarchy led by those capable of using Mind and Will. It will be a revision of “Traditionalist” society, but adapted to deal with contemporary socio-economic roles and technology. Not only will this new elite have political power via strength, growing crops, and healing, individuals with these abilities will simply do much better at surviving/reproducing than individuals incapable of healing themselves in the Post-Fukushima Era environment. Only through these drastic environmental circumstances will humanity be required to evolve beyond his current and fragile form into something more beautiful. This will only happen because of the Post-Fukushima Era has thrust us into the furnace to be reforged. This new chapter in the fairy tale that is existence is dark, but certainly an exciting and a necessary chapter in the Book of Life.

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