Introduction to the House of Mystery

Thinkers of various ideologies have called for revolution by changing our consciousness. This can be done via two ways: first alter your perspective. This is passive, but important. Second, and more radical, is by altering your state of consciousness. Some do this via experiencing drugs, but this is not practical long term. I would say it is important on select occasions because such chemicals can get a lot of rewiring work done quickly, and further demonstrates to me that the human animal is a canvas that must be consciously completed by direction of the will and not by just becoming reproductive functional, but “becoming.”

Well that is really a choice to “become,” many take mind altering substances as a way to escape the responsibility of Nowness. The other method for altering our consciousness is by conducting ritual. After a while, this process produces results in siddhi or powers, but more importantly your way of thinking has been altered. For you are now altered, from the highest forms within Divinity, to the lowest levels of material manifestation with DNA, atoms, and pervading subatomic forces. This alteration is totalitarian. You are no longer the animal you were born as, you have evolved within an incarnation. In Hinduism, the human only starts when the individual begins to ask questions like “why am I here?”, “what is my reason for my specific sufferings?”, and “what is the purpose of this?” Keep up at this you will come up with more profound questions than this.

Now this changed state is enticing for some, but for others the desires for siddhi are understandable. Some do approach Krsna (God) in the pursuit to receive such powers and it is not wrong to do so, however seeking such things are a karmatic trap and hinder liberation from Samsara (material existence). That is assuming you want to escape from Samsara. Though I suspect many devotees seek siddhi because it is a moderate display that their faith is justified. Regardless, I am willing to facilitate this power-seeking lust because I hope that taking such a path will lead into something more noble and pious. Or perhaps just something interesting and lulzy. Now I can endless speculate on what these techniques and rituals include, and it would take decades of research on my part to do and then want to share with you all; or I can share with you the tools so you can figure out how to get the knowledge yourselves.

So then what is the archetypical Mystery School? It is an unbiased set of rituals, as silly as that notion seems. This is best accomplished through meaningful ritual that serves to complete the necessary inner workings. All religious traditions worth their salt have similar rituals that serve to awaken the kundalini energy circuit. Fasting for days and meditating is a pretty common technique. Jesus does this when he goes into the desert to pray and fast. Yogis in India have a ritual that is pretty much this, plus added heat. These rituals vary in intensity from the calm, meditating and yoga, and the intense, pseudo-crucifixion, ego death, and pseudo-mummification–all to alter consciousness, and gain power and knowledge.

The objective here is to simply share what I do so you can discover how to access this school without any teacher for the greatest Gurus can be found within. Doing magick is about knowing the fundamentals and being really good at them. And as much as you can do and learn without a teacher, it is always nice to have someone. However, the point of this article is to weed through all that garbage to get you to the good stuff. A teacher in these subjects cannot really do anything more than show you how to start, it is up to you to practice!

While specific yoga poses are associated with Chakras, the purpose of stretching yoga is not doing the poses, but the stretching of muscles and breathing in/restoring the prana. You can use any yoga poses you please, but I use the ones in this book.

While learning chakras, learn how to use bioenergy, which can be read about here. All of Robert Bruce’s stuff can be found here. For practical and handy reference, and easy radicalization, having a physical copy of this book is essential. He is a genius and without his work, doing magick meaningfully like our ancestors did it would be impossible. That being said, if you don’t take time to get good at the fundamentals with this, you are wasting your time doing magick. Bioenergy can be used for many things, for example it can be circulated through the muscles to increase performance, or projected into a stick which turns it into a weird sort of stun baton (experiment with this to see how it works exactly). On a more peaceful note, it can be shared to heal and productively manipulate plants. If you don’t learn how to use bioenergy and work it out regularly, what are you doing with your time?

Bodies of Light has excellent techniques for breathing (and affirmation concepts, but I don’t care for non-runic versions) and can be used in conjunction with Bioenergy techniques and what this book has to say about Chakras.

Other important books are:

The library has many other books on magick, but I selected a few and put them into the Introduction to Magick subfolder. Another great resource is this guy’s videos, and since we have not mentioned meditation yet, I will link to his video on how to do that. Meditation is easily the most important thing you will always under appreciate.

Its pretty simple really to learn these things if you take the time, but with the rat race, who has time? And is that part of the point of our world? I argue it is. However, these methods streamline that process so you can get results quickly–as humorous and corny as that sounds.

In short, “magick” is about getting into the right mental state to perform an action. It’s like impersonating whatever bullshit you construct in your mind as a valid framework, and then doing it.

“Get big dick magick now with!”

True story though…

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