Lust for Monster-Men

The nature of reality being a story of romance and war is a complex subject on its own, I want to address a specific part of this concept. The concept I wish to address is about the “lustful desire” FOR monster-men. We see this phenomena in popular culture, but this is also a reoccurring theme throughout time. This subject is simple, but also profound because it is about love and the human condition.

When I say monster-men, I am not specifically referring to men, but women as well. I use this phrase of “monster-men” because of the simple beauty in its alliteration, adding monster-men and monster-women would take up unnecessary space in a sentence. In addition to that, on average, the monster-men objectification is more common with the male gender than the female in culture and literature, especially in contemporary culture and literature. Yes, it is often the male monsters who are objectified for sexual reasons, or raised to a level of abnormal masculine nature. Ladies, you will just have to deal with the fact regarding monster-men: it is a culture of matriarchy deciding it is about hunky monster-men.

This fascination of monster-men is in ways an expression of envy towards non-human qualities and abilities that some humans have. This desire is not simply limited to being envious, but a desire for something more from life and love—which is reasonable unlike envy. In contemporary culture, this is limited to simple lust or superficial romance, as we see in entertainment series such as True Blood or the Twilight Saga. But these series are, at their core, trying to express a deeper explanation for this phenomenon.

This phenomenon of the “Lust for Monster-Men” is, in a contemporary sense of values, rooted in lust because we humans are beings attracted by beauty and we find the different, powerful, and dangerous as provactive. Since we exist in the Kali Yuga, we first express this attraction in a sexual fashion because one of the symptoms of the Kali Yuga is holding intercourse as the highest value to achieve. However, this sexual attraction is rooted in a more profound and true nature of values: the collective sum of needs.

What do I mean by this? Humans have a variety of desires and needs that can be corresponded to the qualities found in chakras, which includes lust, or rather romanticism. Mankind is incredibly insecure due to their meekness, but find strength in their desire to overcome this meekness.  While we all seek to overcome this meekness through our own strength and relying on some religious/philosophical value, we also seek to find strength through romantic means. Our instinctive desire, or need to seek the best in a partner is part of the whole soulmate attraction, but our material world and culture encourages us to “settle.” So we escape to romantic fantasy through books, video games, cinema, television, etc. We fail to see that reality is fantasy, hence why we crave for something more monstrous, chivalric, or angelic. Our desire for what we feel is best for us is why we long for a vampire’s seductive kiss, to be swept away for a ride on a witch’s broom, to be savagely yiffed by a werewolf, or have our cock strangled by the twelve inch tongue of a succubus.

Those all sound cool, but I want to point out the example of the witch is what I want to address carefully. This example expresses more than lust (unless it is an abduction for rape), it suggests romance, and possible competition of the whole in a romantic partner. Humans hold the opinion that such monster-men are more capable mates than normal humans because of their “super-human qualities.” Even if they a human is an Alpha in all senses, the monster-men is a rank that supersedes the Alpha by its collective, hierarchal qualities.

Perhaps the reason monster-men are interested in humans is they try to impose their uniqueness on the blank artistic slate that is the human form. Perhaps it is because mankind’s meekness is inspiring and beautiful. Perhaps because humans are sexy (after all, they were made in God’s image). However, it isn’t hard to tell that love is so beautiful, a task to struggle for, and a miracle from God! So search for what you feel you truly deserve! But be warned, what you manifest through your quest in love will come and find you!

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