Technology and Traditionalism

In many ways, the technological progress of mankind, particularly how it has outpaced spiritual progress is destroying our world. This destruction manifests in many ways: from individual usage of meat consumption to driving a gas-guzzling automobile; the collective usage of dirty energy from fracking to civilian usage of nuclear power; the democratic tolerance of constant industrialized, impersonal warfare where some estimate that as much as 90% of causalities are from civilians—some of which died from the smart-bomb! It is easy to see the ugly and evil ways technology has been used to corrupt our world and individual existence. This technology is unironically praised to a level that suggests some sort of reverence for this holy science. In many ways, many of those who proclaim to love science are far away from following the spirit of science! They act with a zealous dogma that traps them and are easily manipulated in a fashion that is comparable to organized religion. Anyone familiar with the propaganda tactics of the Nuclear Village is well aware of this, and if you aren’t, I recommend watching the Chernobyl Heart documentary.

Despite how I can chide technology and techno-wankers all day, it is most important to talk about how technology has saved existence from a premature primary Day of Judgment. That is a bold statement, how can I even begin to support that? Given you are reading my blog, you are probably observant enough to realize there is something shady and esoteric about the world today, especially the Syrian civil war. If you noticed this before I mentioned this, you are an observant one! I am not an expert on the specifics, but a war in Syria (beyond a proxy war fought a civil war) would have literally been apocalyptic. It isn’t simply a theological argument either, but in Shia Islam, or rather specific circles of Shia Islam, there is a belief that the End of All Time begins with a war in Syria that involves the whole world. Apocalyptic minded combatants will act in a way that is pure war, targets like nuclear power plants that liter the American homeland and other nations of the West would be fair game for sleeper-cells and commandos. Beyond acted upon religious perspectives would make this the Greatest War, when we look into the basic numerology of 9/11, we see something else beyond common perspectives at work. 9/11 seems to be a reoccurring number in terrorism, but lets focus on 9/11, the World Trade Center, and the usage of that date after the primary 9/11. 9/11 was used as a pretext for Israel’s imperialist ambitions lade out in The Clean Break report; the raid on a US embassy in Benghazi which took out an ambassador who was trying to buy back CIA weapons and was given mortar rounds on that date; the chemical attacks of August 21st in Syria and Obama’s response with warmongering given on 9/11; in addition to all that we know about, Assad’s birthday is also on 9/11, we can see a collective esoteric fascination, or at least an esoteric repetition with this date. I wish I knew something more about numerology so that I could speculate on this further, but I know enough to recognize esoteric patterns when I see one and there is clearly a pattern here associated with this date and/or number.

This apocalyptic plot would have been successful if it weren’t for the powerfully informative internet. While the human brain produces an “internet of memories” and “collective thought,” the internet has advantages over this psychic internet. The first being is it can be accessed by non-mental means. Second, the internet is more utilitarian. One can upload and view news, analysis, videos of cats, cartoon pornography, etc. in such an easy way that allows instant access if you know what you are searching for. This access to whatever you want has created an explosion of awakening that is necessary for mankind in this chapter of the story. Much of mankind has searched and found the truth, whatever that means to them through the internet because mankind seeks out information, specifically that of a spiritual nature. The internet is changing mankind for the better. This desire to seek has saved us because enough people realize the bullshit that is mainstream reality and decided to fight back!

That doesn’t mean I have serious problems with the internet as an intellectual. Sociocultural related critiques about the internet falls outside the scope of this discussion, but health related critiques don’t. Research suggests that wifi has numerous detrimental effects on the body, such as lowering sperm count to causing various illnesses. A peer of mine has done simple experiments with his router which has led us to the conclusion this interferes with his usage of magic by distracting concentration and causing pain in his third eye. Further exploration showed that the router itself has a “consciousness” (I use this term loosely) that appears chaotic in nature, which makes sense why wifi can interact with the human mind in a way that can induce madness. My own experiments, that of my research assistant, and a powerful chaos magician find we can only notice this effect of wifi and the router if we look for it. The chaos magician also told me that chaos magic can easily interact with technology such as computers and the internet. We have also noticed those swirly light-bulbs interfere with magic, but I only notice their effect when I search for it. Regardless there seems to be health consequences with the internet and other modern technology, but the overall impact of the machine negates it some of its more serious flaws.

So what should we do? It is obvious: create “organic” technology. The human form is an interesting fusion of matter and Mind in how we alter reality, and both must be considered creating the technology of the future. This is a monumental task that must be done for it is necessary. Humanity must find balance between technology, flesh, and magic to create the stronger humanity of tomorrow.

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