What is Traditionalism?

What is Traditionalism? There are many answers for this. I would define it as the attempt to create an objective paradigm in the shadow of ambiguous Truth. Why would Truth be ambiguous? There have been many attempts to define ultimate reality, I feel All-Potentiality is the closest concept to defining an ultimate reality. Why? There are several circumstantial pieces of evidence for this. The most tangible one is the research by Dr. James Preston, a doctor of religious studies. His thesis paper is about the documentation of psychic circuits found at various sects’ pilgrimage sites around the world in which adherents could tap into and benefit from the circuit. The most famous of such psychic circuits being healing miracles that are commonly received at Catholic pilgrimage sites, but all sites have means of increasing devotion of participants who connect to their respective circuits. To me this is not evidence of an ultimate reality that creates “illusions” that are merely traps to punish those who stray from Abrahamic Truths, but rather a sign that ultimate reality caters to the biases of the humans. From here, we can extrapolate that such an ultimate reality would be All-Potentiality as only something like that would be able to create endless psychic feedback matrixes called religions.

Now what? How do you or I go around constructing some sort of an objective paradigm in which to navigate a reality that caters to tribal subjectives? In my opinion, it is possible to be a stranger and identify with a foreign ideology and make it your own, the only obstacle for results is one’s own belief in said system. This is NOT practical for most people as it would require a certain level of mental instability that would affect other aspects of being. One can identify with the ideologies of their tribal group. Most traditionalists do this. Those who are race-mixed have two or more traditions to draw from. So far I have not seen examples of genetic mixing weakening connections to psychic matrixes, this might have advantages. However, I do not advocate race-mixing to anyone outside of the Brahmin caste because metaphysical powers gained from the mixing would not ultimately benefit members of the other castes whose duties relate to non-metaphysical things.

To the Traditionalist, there really isn’t any right or wrong paradigm outside of said paradigm’s utility to properly articulate aspects of reality. From here we can conclude that combining traditions, or rather, wisdoms and rituals from diverse traditions, might have utilitarian value towards finding Truth. This is what I do as a pagan Traditionalist. This is what I advocate: DIY Traditionalism; or at least until we have our Ubermensch, a prophet of a new paradigm. This is the most reasonable procedure in Kali Yuga, the era of ignorance.

I believe there is an ultimate reality that can be best phrased as All-Potentiality. This Being has a means of experiencing consciousness and calling it Godsoul is not an inaccurate means of thematically describing Its purpose in relationship to the unfolding creation. However, this Being is focused on its own Being rather than the mundane task of micromanaging its unfolding. All traditions have some sort of pantheon of gods whom deal with certain tasks. I refer to this group of beings as The Council, or Council Members, more so than gods or angels. These beings are the ones that listen to us more so than Godsoul with Its esoteric and justifiably selfish objectives. To best find out if a god or whatever a tradition calls such a being exists objectively in a station of power, find its planetary correspondence. The ancients literally believed that the planets were physical projections of gods from their hyper-dimensional realms. I believe this and any serious study of astrology and ancient astronomy will lead you to this conclusion.

An All-Potentiality suggests something very interesting: multiple ultimate realities can co-exist and be valid operationally.I will list some of the more interesting examples of ultimate reality within All-Potentiality. I believe ultimate reality is Sri Krsna (Love) Kalki (Remover of Filth) which would translate into Love that removes filth. Why is this ultimate reality for me? Well it is rather a technical argument about how Love is infinite, and through this infiniteness (and the transmutative abilities of Black/Death/Change), the great Nothing can create All. However, this is not the only ultimate reality I entertain. I entertain the following as well. That of Durga, Kali, Bhairava, and Artemis. These three entities are less about technical arguments like how the metaphysical Standard Model creates exponential Love over time, but about the philosophy of archetypes. Durga represents the idea of the source of creation is essentially a super weapon being that is so powerful, that even before Its creation, It was able to create the past and the future. Durga’s depiction as a female represents a passive element in relationship to creation, but this is contrasted with Its combative duties (which are masculine as they are active). This is quite the opposite of Bhairava. Bhairava to me represents the last line of defense in defending reality, which is why I believe this subset of Shiva is depicted as black (black is the Sanatana Dharma color to depict ultimate reality, black is not common for Shiva). Bhairava is interesting because it is NOT a creative force, but because of Its duties, It is ultimate reality because the survival of reality depends on the success of Bhairava when It is deployed. Kali represents the idea that ultimate reality is created by a demon who is ever so benevolent to her strongest children, whom feast upon the enclosed farm that is Being. Artemis is a recent addition to this list for me, but it is quite simple. If we are to understand Being as a learning/evolutionary process, then the idea that ultimate reality is an enclosed system and is a perfect hunting ground. I came to this conclusion from very recent interactions with how Goddess has wished to express Herself in this incarnation, which leads me to conclude that Avatara is in the Jungian Eve/Tarzan phase. Based on the conditions of our Kali Yuga, in which our enemies are superficial and weak this makes much sense so happy hunting!

In conclusion, the Traditionalist should either subscribe to one’s genetic traditions or create their own understanding of Truth. This should largely be based on utility experienced by the Traditionalist, especially with the latter and more unorthodox approach. Either way, you will likely experience Truth through the subjective lens of your human experience. It will be the most beautiful experience of your life and you will get to live it and experience it more thoroughly with each passing day.

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